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For example, experts estimate that building a detached three-bedroom house, where you supervise the work and do much of the DIY yourself, could cost £31,000 to £35,000 assuming floor space of 1,000 sq ft. However, if you employ an architect to design the house and supervise construction, the cost could range from £48,000 to £85,000. You can usually borrow up to 75 per cent of the value of a plot, and the bank or building society will then lend an additional amount based on the estimated value of the house you intend to build.

Google Local Marketing ServicesIn most cases the lender will release the funds to you in stages, such as once the foundations are complete, when the roof is finished and so on. However, since money is given only after work is completed, you will need some capital up front to cover initial costs. This means many people have to sell their current home before they begin building a new one.

The interest rate on the mortgage is initially pegged at base rate plus 1.65 per cent, but this reduces over the course of the loan to base rate plus 0.55 per cent. Mr Hollingworth also recommends loans from the Norwich & Peterborough building society, which offers any of its existing mortgages to self-builders. best seo services sydney Before you start searching, draw up a detailed plan of what you need, including the size of the plot required and your future home’s dimensions. When searching for a plot, contact estate agents as well as looking in self-build magazines.

For a fee, you can search the National Building Plot Register to find suitable plots in the area in which you want to live. There is also an online database called PlotShare with information on sites that have planning permission for two to four houses. Buying with others in this way may be the cheapest means of obtaining a decent plot. Do not buy a plot unless it has OPP, and be careful to check any planning restrictions: many plots have agricultural ties, meaning that you can only build on the land if you plan to undertake some sort of agricultural activity.