Currently there is no option when it comes to achieving a degree in SEO. It’s just not offered, despite SEO being a complex subject which requires highly skilled individuals to do the job properly there are few study options. At the moment even in relevant degrees SEO is not part of the syllabus, those who work in SEO are rarely led to it from university, many of us simply stumble upon it. SEO grows year upon year and the demand for talented SEO’s is growing too. So should there be a degree in SEO offered or can it be linked in with other current degrees? And also make a plan for content marketing strategy.

Internet Marketing Degree

Currently there are no degrees available in the UK that are specifically tailored around internet marketing. There are lots of degrees available in Marketing, which is typically a very popular degree but what about internet marketing? It seems bizarre considering how much business is generated online and how many jobs are available in internet marketing that there isn’t a degree based around this. For those interested in SEO and PPC currently the best way to learn this is online or to carry out an internet marketing internship which is usually unpaid. Whilst this is a good way to get into the world of Internet Marketing for those who wish to study before working

Web Design

A great option when you want to pursue a career in internet marketing is to carry out a degree in web design. Of course you would also need to have a strong interest in web design also, but many courses include classes on some aspects of internet marketing too. Studying web design with internet marketing is a great start to your career in SEO. Unlike those who only know SEO and PPC you will have the advantage of web design too, putting you above others who are applying for the same job as you.

Creative Writing

A huge element of SEO is writing. This is something any SEO will be doing on a daily basis, so it helps to be able to write well. Although this does not cover PPC or the technical side of SEO it is a great way to get into SEO with the relevant skills that you need. Because content is so important in SEO when you are starting out a lot of companies will take you on and teach you all you need to know as you go along.

Currently you cannot study SEO or PPC alone, but there are great options when it comes to degrees for getting into internet marketing. Other options available is adwords training, SEO day courses and of course you can always self teach from the internet.

Eilidh MacRae works for Marketing By Web who provide adwords training.

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