The success of your page ranking will depend on the quality of backlinks. More the quality backlinks you have, the more visitors you will get, the more visitors you get the more ranking you get in search engine result page. Backlinks are also referred as incoming links, inbound build links and inward links as these are the incoming links to a web page or website. Backlinks are the basic means of web navigation, the importance of backlinks is determined by search engine optimisation. The popularity of any site will be decided by the number of natural inward links.

In the recent years link building has become more organised due to Google’s powerful algorithms Panda and Penguin updates. Google’s updates have exposed the shady link building methods like Forbes, JCPenny and It has also penalised other sites which are employing low value links. Inbound links are the basic factors that search engines rank websites. Developing organic links to your site is a crucial factor in improving page ranking. Links from authority sites and social networking sites will have a great impact on page ranking. There are many websites on the internet which have high quality content, social media and powerful on-page SEO but still they fail to achieve top ranking due to backlinks factor. Employing the latest inbound links techniques is essential to please the search engines and to stay in the competition. 

There are some techniques which may affect your web traffic and website ranking badly such as redirection strategy, purchased inbound links and link exchange. With the help of funnel links you can get quality backlinks from other authority sites. Create a funnel page which attracts links from high PR sites and authority sites. It is possible due to dofollow backlinks available on your funnel page.

Creating a content rich page on authority site is important to drive more traffic to your site. You have to find out the funnel sites which allow you to build funnel links. You will get internal links by following other people, commenting and liking. There are some sources which will help you to build funnel links such as, and Build your own page on the site which allows you to build funnel PR and contextual page. Without making spammy, you have to convert internal links back to funnel page. You can achieve this by following someone, uploading quality rich content, commenting, liking profile and liking content. Start following others to increase your profile link and drive traffic to your website.

Social bookmarking is the other powerful medium to improve backlinks. If you are using social bookmarking in your site, it makes easy for users to share, like and comment. Your link can become popular without much hard work unlike traditional techniques. You have to allow users to share links in dofollow to build a strong backlink base. Search engines crawl through your web page including keywords, links and image. Whenever search engine goes through link, it will land on the other web page this way it will improve the page ranking. Make sure that you are avoiding broken links, nofollow links which will not yield any benefits to your webpage. Don’t use black hat techniques which is an unfair practice. It may affect page ranking in search engines.

Author Bio: I am Leo from Birmingham. I am a tech writer. I am into Finance and Health. I have written many articles on PPI claims. Catch me on @financeport.

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