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The flotilla is expected to depart from Ipswich Haven Marina at 8. 00am on Saturday morning to meet the 10. 00am start time from Harwich mouth. While staying at the marina, the competitors will attend a gala dinner at Ipswich Town Hall, hosted by the borough council. Working in co-operation with ABP, Ipswich Borough Council convinced bank representatives that Ipswich was the ideal venue for this SEO services packages year’s stopover after giving them a tour of Ipswich Haven Marina and the newly developed and bustling waterfront. We are very pleased to welcome our Dutch visitors and hope that they will tell their friends at home about what we can offer.

ABP Connect has contracted Liebherr, the internationally renowned crane manufacturer, to supply a new gantry-container crane to ABP Connect Cargoflow – Immingham , ABP Connect’s four-berth ro-ro and lo-lo terminal at Associated British Ports’ Port of (formerly known as Exxtor Terminal) is expected to take delivery of the high-capacity Liebherr P98L in early Spring 2005. Able to move a staggering 40 containers per hour, the new crane will work alongside the existing Liebherr gantry-container crane at the terminal, and will significantly improve the terminal’s current container-handling capacity.

Further improvements to shore-side operations, due to be introduced by the end of 2004, will also help to reduce ship-turnaround times greatly. This new crane comes at a very exciting time for Liebherr, with additional orders for modern, high-performance cranes expected in the near future, and several other projects currently at commissioning stage. Liebherr is very pleased to have been awarded this contract and looks forward to working with ABP Connect on the completion of their expansion programme at Cargoflow – Immingham.

Delivery of the new crane will mark the final stage of the £6 million, three-phase expansion programme which began earlier this year, to increase container-handling capacity at Cargoflow – Immingham. This crane, along with the skills and experience that we have built up over the years, will enable our team in  to optimise the performance of our terminal and enable it to accommodate the growth in container traffic we expect over the coming months and years on the Humber.

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This Block Exemption is quite simply it is out-dated, out-moded and must be removed.’ This was the message Freight Transport Association took to the public hearing organised  by the European Commission’s Competition Directorate in Brussels yesterday, 4 December.  At the hearing FTA made it clear that it will continue to press for the complete removal of the block exemption for liner shipping on behalf of its shipper, Google Penalty Recovery Services forwarder.FTA represents over 10,000 companies, many of which are involved in international trade and rely on services provided by the liner shipping industry.

In a letter to the UK Minister for Employment Relations, Competition and Consumers John Allan, FTA President and Chief Executive of Exel, said that protectionism that allows collective price fixing in today’s commercial environment is an anathema to business people around the world.Independent cost control and yield management are the watchwords of business today, not collective price fixing.

FTA has played a leading role over the last 10 years in fighting abuses of the shipping lines, abuses and practices that have harmed business interests, and damaged customer-carrier relations and we will continue to participate in the review of the Regulation that sets the conditions for block exemption from competition law for liner shipping conferences .

The practices made possible by Regulation 4056 of 1986, achieve nothing but distortion of the market to suit their own interests.The shipping lines claim conferences to be “effective, efficient and inexpensive” whereas their customers contest that they are in fact defective, deficient and expensive. Shippers concluded the hearing by saying that liner services are irrelevant; shippers need predictability of prices through transparency of costs, and were completely willing to accept the consequences of free liner shipping market since the benefits far outweighed all possible draw-backs.

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FTA External Affairs Director Geoff Dossetter said, ‘A Wednesday pre-Christmas is a very busy time for cross-Channel lorry journeys. France should wake up to its responsibilities to fellow members of the EU and get a grip of the situation.’Lorry drivers don’t have eyes in the back of their heads and rely on their mirrors to see what is happening on the road around them. but other road users need to be aware that if they can’t see a seo in sydney lorry’s mirrors then the driver can’t see them either.

To raise awareness of the issue, the Freight Transport Association has produced stickers for display on the back of a lorry with a very clear message.Lorries are the safest vehicles on the road involved in around just half as many accidents as cars on a mile-for-mile basis. But the size, weight and rear visibility options of a lorry mean that drivers need to make maximum use of wing mirrors.So, the message has to be don’t sneak up on the inside of a lorry on a road or a roundabout – heed the new warning signs to car drivers and two-wheeled riders.

The Freight Transport Association welcomes tomorrow’s (Tuesday 9 December) partial opening of the M6 Toll, to be followed by full opening later in the week. FTA, whose members operate over 200,000 goods vehicles, was a 20-year campaigner for construction of the road which is intended to provide relief on the vital M6 motorway , one of the key national trade routes.

The fourth largest economy in the world is entitled to an infrastructure up to the job of moving around the nation’s goods and service.’ ‘Shipping cartels have had a negative effect on the competitiveness of markets not just in Britain but throughout the world. Fostering mistrust and operational inefficiency and offering no substantive benefits to customers or consumers.