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FTA External Affairs Director Geoff Dossetter said, ‘A Wednesday pre-Christmas is a very busy time for cross-Channel lorry journeys. France should wake up to its responsibilities to fellow members of the EU and get a grip of the situation.’Lorry drivers don’t have eyes in the back of their heads and rely on their mirrors to see what is happening on the road around them. but other road users need to be aware that if they can’t see a seo in sydney lorry’s mirrors then the driver can’t see them either.

To raise awareness of the issue, the Freight Transport Association has produced stickers for display on the back of a lorry with a very clear message.Lorries are the safest vehicles on the road involved in around just half as many accidents as cars on a mile-for-mile basis. But the size, weight and rear visibility options of a lorry mean that drivers need to make maximum use of wing mirrors.So, the message has to be don’t sneak up on the inside of a lorry on a road or a roundabout – heed the new warning signs to car drivers and two-wheeled riders.

The Freight Transport Association welcomes tomorrow’s (Tuesday 9 December) partial opening of the M6 Toll, to be followed by full opening later in the week. FTA, whose members operate over 200,000 goods vehicles, was a 20-year campaigner for construction of the road which is intended to provide relief on the vital M6 motorway , one of the key national trade routes.

The fourth largest economy in the world is entitled to an infrastructure up to the job of moving around the nation’s goods and service.’ ‘Shipping cartels have had a negative effect on the competitiveness of markets not just in Britain but throughout the world. Fostering mistrust and operational inefficiency and offering no substantive benefits to customers or consumers.